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Tank Lining Systems

Cementitious Repairs and Polyurea Coating System

Polyurea elastomeric membrane for the waterproofing and protection of concrete, steel and other surfaces. Specially formulated to protect against chemical attacks and in situations of high humidity, it is normally used to protect concrete and steel pipelines on waste treatment water plants, residual water conduits, retention basins, water treatment digesters, outer and lower parts of concrete tanks, silos, floors and terraces, and the interior of tunnels.

It provides an alternative and cost effective solution to providing repairs to concrete and steel tank structures rather than replacing the structure.


  • Cost saving on repairing and coating existing structures rather than replacing
  • Guaranteed for up to 10 years at 2mm thickness for tank linings
  • Polyurea elastomeric membrane intended for the protection of steel and concrete surfaces in chemically aggressive environments.
  • Continuous coating of high flexibility, dos not require joint treatment.
  • Resistant to water and a wide variety of chemical products.
  • Quick drying and resistant to a wide range of temperatures.

Tank Stratification Coating

BK offers a product and method for carrying out tank lining systems that help with a solution for corroded or leaking steel tanks that might be underground or exposed without replacing the structure. This is a big advantage as replacement and downtime linked is costly and therefore BK has a solution to fix corroded or leaking underground fuel tanks while service station or mine is running, eliminating downtime and therefore cash loss. Some areas which the lining system covers:

  • Fuel Depot Storage Tanks
  • Underground Tanks at service stations
  • Mining storage tanks
  • Water storage tanks

A solvent free glass fibre epoxy phenolic reinforced laminate for severely corroded petroleum storage tanks is used. This tank lining system ranges from a finished wall thickness of 2- 6mm which not only reinforces the structural integrity but more importantly provides a corrosive protective tank lining system that is guaranteed for up to 15 years. This way even if the external steel surface corrodes the internal lining stays sound protecting any product inside the tank uncontaminated. All work is done under strict health & safety standards monitoring all gas levels with special meters as well as strict working procedures that need to be followed in accordance with risk assessment and safety tool box talks. Once work has been  complete a full report stratification report is issued to client comprising of report of any hole repairs, blasting profiles, dry film thickness and total lining system thickness, pictures, guarantees. Some of the contracts we have done are as follows:

  • Total Zimbabwe Stratification of Service Station Underground Tanks
  • Total Malawi Stratification of Service Station Underground Tanks
  • Storage Water Steel Tanks - repaired leaks