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Industrial Painting & Protective Coatings

Industrial Painting

As this company has numerous fields to diversify in, we do try and keep our minds open with various contracts that may arise.  Apart from the domestic and commercial properties we also offer our outstanding expertise to the industrial industry.

Majority of this market has been various mines around Zimbabwe whereby we have painted office blocks, staff quarters, machinery, plant and equipment.  Our painters have attended courses on health and safety, qualifying to operate on these sites, with a select few attending further training in South Africa.

In this field we have brand new, top quality spray guns, which are faster and more efficient.  These were imported from South Africa and can be used to paint large surface areas swiftly, minimizing the labour cost to our clients.

Selected companies where we have been involved in include:

Protective Coatings

BK Painters are the only professional paint applicators in Zimbabwe and all workers have been trained by South African manufacturer and have the backup both South African and Zimbabwe manufacturers as their preferred paint applicators. The backup comes with guarantees for up to 10- 15 years from both manufacturer and BK, thus comforting the client concerns of quality and workmanship. BK has the resources and trained staff to handle over 60,000 m2 a month following surface standards (NACE, SSPC, St and SA). The corrosion protection perform well in aggressive areas such as

  • Immersion service in the petrochemical,
  • Water and wastewater,
  • Pulp and paper
  • Railcar industries
  • Exposed steel structures and tanks